What We Do

Preventing, Use, Loss, And Stigma Early.

The PULSE is a Teen/Student lead coalition. Our work is based on prevention of substance use. This gives our teens/students the ability to build their leadership skills, public speaking, and to set a positive example for peers with in the Norwich High School and Middle School.

This is an opportunity that has many benefits not only for our community improvement, but also for the Teen/student. It has a built in opportunity for teens/students to travel, build leadership, and gain community service hours that will show in a reference letter for college applications.

The coalition works to change and implement code of conduct based on alcohol or substance use. It encourages our teens/ students to plan and implement community events. Opens the door to new education and training options, and creates a safe and health community for our teens/students and future teens to come.

Our History & DFC

To have the ability to make a difference in your community utilizing your knowledge and skills learned through the coalition. This opportunity can be beneficial not only in your community but can benefit you with college reference letters and community service hours.


Our donations are managed by Chenango Health Network. To donate to use click the button below, click the donate to a specific program on that page, and mention us! Thank you!